Notice to all the superheroes of the world: are you ready (s) to save our beautiful Earth? Yes! It is to you that I address.
because YOU have the power to change things!

Contribute to preserving the environment is not that hard! You just have to change some of our daily habits to make a real environmental impact.

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IMAGE: Idea # 1Take a shower rather than bath daily

It is true that after a hard day’s work, a bath is a true de-stressing … But think about the world and give yourself the pleasure the days when you really need it. The rest of the time you take a shower to perk up, put a comfortable fit and lovez-in your sofa. With a good book, a fragrant tea and background music, stress will vanish as if by magic! Tell your entourage in order to respect this little decompression time just for you.


IMAGE: Idea # 2Do not buy products on-packed

Today, it takes about fifteen minutes to access products, wrapped in ten layers of plastic. While some are essential, others are useless apart from that of creating a new space dedicated to advertising marketing. Result, by dint of over-layers, always multiplies the more waste: a French household generates 5 million tonnes of packaging waste per year! So tell STOP to excessive food packaging and boycott brands that care about the consequences. Buy rather carvery, fruits and vegetables in bulk, bring your empty egg box market … etc..


IMAGE: Idea # 3Titin leave in the garage

We always say that taking care of the planet, it is also taking care of yourself. This is especially true when using a bike, skate, skates, scooters or just good sneakers to move. Because with these means of transport, it pollutes less AND our physical wartrol health is really improving. So forget about impossible to hold and simply change your daily habits schemes: Give your car to redesign your figure and … save the planet!


IMAGE: Idea # 4Do not shun the shopping cart

In 2011, it is time to rejuvenate the shopping carts!
Formerly tacky, with their checkered patterns and their old wheels, the cabats to provision are now more fashionable than ever. Thanks to them, you can say goodbye to the handles of the bags that cut hands, packages too heavy to carry, hunting € room (that you never about you) for shopping carts. It is so handy, that after one week of use, you do not swear by it! And most importantly, you will limit your maximum use of plastic bags … For the look, you have a choice: the caddies have literally invaded stores: you will find a string of colors, patterns and shapes for all tastes!


IMAGE: Idea # 5Close valves

Water, as we know, is a very precious commodity. And, because everyone does not have access, we have to respect it. So why do we continue to let the water run when you brush your teeth, hands, or when you do the dishes? Especially when we know that when you leave the tap running 3 minutes, there were 12 bottles of 1, 5 liters flowing in the sink for nothing … 12 bottles! Scary is not it?


IMAGE: Idea # 6Sacrifice his lighting “Versailles”

What is to be friendly, the dining room really need all these lights on? If you NEED this light, so invest in candles (for a more enjoyable atmosphere) and low energy light bulbs. Choose light colored curtains, which does not absorb natural light and let the sunlight enter … You’ll enjoy the benefits of light therapy without blowing your electricity bill. And do not forget to close the switches on the grounds that “you back soon in the room.” I go, ‘click’, I close!


IMAGE: Idea # 7Au bureau, on change ses habitudes

Stack of plastic cups is swapped against a nice cup offered by our Tiny Tots.
printing emails is limited and, if necessary, is printed on both sides. Old documents are reused as post it, we take the stairs instead of the elevator and above all, we turned off the computer when you leave at night! In addition to being a good citizen, you will be the model employee …


IMAGE: Idea # 8Green Gardening

Water your plants and gardens in the cool morning or evening to reduce evaporation and leave quietly drinking your plantings. You can also collect rainwater by placing pots or trays under eaves. Why not you composting? 
With this handy system, you biodégradez your waste (vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, hair, leaves, dead flowers, tissue paper, tea bags …) and you can reuse them as natural fertilizer. And banish pesticides that kill bees!


IMAGE: Idea # 9Recycle by giving a second life to objects

Your old bike takes all the space in the garage? Be sure it will delight a handyman or enthusiast handlebars! Ebay Coin LeBon, Recycle My Stuff … there are countless sites to sell all kinds of unused objects. So, because too often we throw some objects that still have a lot to offer, have the reflex to give, barter or even sell. Good for all!


IMAGE: Idea # 10Always send more eCards!

Because they help save trees, save paper and ink, reduce waste created to make these two components, reducing the transport of mail and especially because they demonstrate your commitment to the environment around you. Every year for greetings through your 25 million of ecards sent, you can help save 9500 trees is a forest of more than 27 km2. Thanks to you, it’s 512 tons of paper that have not been transported!


Eight applications solidarity to build a better world

A list of apps that let you collaborate and donate all of their app sales to various NGOs and institutions focusing on social support and respect for the environment

Eight applications solidarity to build a better world
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There is no doubt that today, the world of smartphone apps is a great business opportunity for countless businesses. However, fortunately, not all of them focus only on the purely commercial chapter. In meercado we can also find a number of apps with a strong social character whose purpose is none other than the help they need or the homeless. These applications are all developed using easy app development.

Thus, many foundations and associations and NGOs are also taking advantage of new technologies to disseminate their work and win converts to their praiseworthy causes. And more so with the economic and social situation we are right now, so that now more than ever, helping others is more than a necessity.

So the list of this week is focused on highlighting the selfless work of these organizations to build a better world.

Now it’s your turn
apps for a better world

Android (Free)

The initiative now your turn has been carried out by the NGO Burma Partnership, whose focus is on bringing the world of new technologies to the children of the town of Mae Sot, dramatically improving their living conditions. The user of this app have the opportunity to see first hand all the details of the activities and work of this NGO in Burma, including the ability to make donations.


iPhone (Free)
Android (Free)

Instead the idea created by Oven Bits, becomes something like the ‘smart buy’. The application invites us to curb our consumerist spirit. Or rather impulsive purchase that becomes a financial donation to a worthy cause. Best of all is that the user will have at your fingertips a list of all institutions and organizations for their contributions.


iPhone (0.89 €)

Without doubt, the most striking aspect of iSketch is that has been developed by Cameron Cohen, a child as young as 11 had to be hospitalized for several months by a hard and long illness. This app is an interactive tool for drawing and painting with different brushes and a color picker where the user must represent the word ascribed to guess the rest. A kind of addictive pictionary solidarity, as part of the collection of this application is intended to hospital where Cameron was being held.

Button complaint against pornography

Android (Free)

The Protégeles organization, working directly with mobile operators Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo, developed the Report Button application, whose mission is the protection of children. That is why this app gives users the ability to report images of child pornography and sexual harassment of children who are on the Internet. And all this confidential and anonymous. Simply copy and paste the address of the website of this type of content in the application itself, and send. The cooperation of all is essential to end the scourge of child abuse.

Integral link

Android (Free)

The sole purpose of link Solidario is raising funds to help in the fight against breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death in women. The user of this application hundred percent supportive have the opportunity to devote his own tie to the person you want, via a personalized email. And for every click that is made on the advertising of the application, a contribution is received.

Find Green

iPhone (Free)
Android (Free)

Find Green advocates a more sustainable world with innovative and brilliant idea. It uses geolocation to inform sustainable business around us, from restaurants to clothing stores. This is a green consumer proposes to improve our quality of life, while maintaining respect for the environment. Unfortunately, this application is only available in the U.S. at the moment. Although this is a very interesting idea to export.

Fragile Earth

iPhone (2.69 €)

Fragile Earth is another application for the environment. This app allows us to see over 70 pictures, most of them captured satellite, and bird’s eye view. And compare the before and after many geographical locations on the planet. Thus, Fragile Earth shows how climate change has developed in different areas of the globe, illustrating the devastating effects of droughts and floods, or the eruptions of the mountain, and how glaciers melt. And of course, the expansion and growth of cities.


Apps gone viral

iPhone (1.79 €) 

Android (1.79 €)

In support of Unicef, and the figure of NBA player, Pau Gasol, head, Give a day plunges us into the instructive tale of two children, David and Kolobo, with two very different realities, but parallel stories. The story brings a variety of animations, sound effects, colorful graphics and a host of elements to interact. And all this to highlight the problem of child malnutrition. A story of contrasts, where wealth and poverty to encourage our collaboration are interspersed.