The Calories In An Egg – Distribution of White and Yolk Egg

Today the Question is how many calories in an egg?

Every healthy diet plan has eggs as an important component for the kids, youth, elders and pregnant women. They have very essential amount of vitamins, calcium, proteins, iron and many other nutritional elements to thrive human body. It has a measure by which you can compare the other foods’ protein values by using this standard. Many people used to say that the eggs are the reason of increasing the cholesterol level of the body and they are right in saying, but it is also true that it can decrease calories of your body.

If you take one large size egg, you are taking 4% of daily intake of calories from the total of 2000 calories which a normal person uses on a daily basis. Every person’s diet includes many nutritions in different forms which are necessary for the body fitness and health and choline is one of those elements. Eggs are a major source of providing the choline to the human body so it is very important to include eggs in your daily meal especially breakfast. Choline helps to maintain and enhance the neurological system of the body. The yolk is a major source of calories in an egg, minerals and nutritions while white egg provides the calcium to the body to provide health to bones.

Calories in the Yolk

The Yolk is the most important portion of the egg as the person has to decide whether it is good for his or her health. As Yolk can increase the amount of cholesterol in your body which can affect the heart and its functionality and have a higher number of calories in an egg which are 56 in total than the white portion of the egg. But still it has many health benefits which are useful to enhance the immunity, health of skin, and also optimizes the visionary power of the person. It contains a very significant amount of Vitamin like Vitamin A,  Iron, and Riboflavin but if you take it in right quantity and if perfectly prepared. A nutritionist can be consulted about the right intake of the eggs in your daily meals.

Calories in White Portion Of Egg

The White portion of the egg provides a large amount of calcium and iron. Those people who want to use eggs, but are conscious about the calories in an egg can take the white portion of the egg as it has very lower amount of calories than Yolk and also can help to reduce your weight. There is not a single fatty acids in white and it is full of proteins which are necessary for the body and most important is that it is absolutely in cholesterol. It has no side effects if you take it in your daily meal without any hesitation and also include it in your diet plan as it has only 17 calories. It is also helpful to reduce your weight by providing energy to your body, and it also helpful to provide strength to human bones. But remember excess of every food is bad for health.


“The daughter of the maid” created a better world for readers.

Maid’s daughter, Barbara Mutch

the daughter of the maid

The Karoo is eternal . And as the sun sets every day we read stories remind us that there was infamous times, times where life changed in a minute that could mean everything. It was inevitable. Yet, within this small world, we find characters that come to us in a corner of the soul, some hiding for that slip, you invade, and come to make you sigh. The proposed travel literature are sometimes a unique opportunity to live the courage, strength, tears, and pain, of those whose efforts created a better world when nobody gave a penny for them. It is these which, like the keys of a piano you play with abandon, make us move, make our interior tides that sweep everything and leave us breathless when our hands close a book and we were thinking about the Finally, in the history behind us, as if a small wound, we will leave a scar along our life. This is one of them. For as the sun sets each day, this story remains but does not pretend.

Cathleen moved to South Africa where he will enter into a special relationship with their black maid Ada working for maid service toronto. When she becomes pregnant by a white man, the fate of these two women will be united by strong ties, while the world looks troubled, and apartheid becomes a reality. And there is something much stronger than the color of the skin, and is the power of inheritance of blood.


Long ago, when he was under my belt with little more than fifteen years in school taught me those years of strife and internal wars between whites and blacks. It was something that did not get fully understand. Today, when life has moved on, and this book Alliance has come to my hands, I still have the same feeling of not understanding injustice. Is the skin so important? Your color has the power to give life to some and another for others? Questions that become swirls round and round in my head, and that time is maintained after having reached the last page of this great story. Consumed many times by other problems, we are unable to observe those lives that would have to become heroic, in noteworthy for all those who boast us of being liberal or liberalizing people, is that the life of Ada, our protagonist in ” The daughter of the maid “ raises concerns the foundations of what we have come to call the civilized world. What civilized having to flee from your life, your family, for all you know, for having given birth to a different creature? Why the abuses perpetuated over time, although there have been many who had no choice but to survive? Are we the masters of destiny of others? Life is like an orchestra, and each have a rightful place. We are all essential.

But if I had to highlight some of the novel by Barbara Mutch is the soundtrack that makes us go through each one of the pores of the skin covering our skeleton. Slow melodies when the piano attempts to fill the silences, the sadness of tears in the middle of a flight for survival, but also quick notes, which mean war, imposed on us, is close and you need to run. This is the story of a word, apartheid , but also that of other freedom . Barricaded by a desert that is lost beyond what the eye is able to cover, our protagonists are key elements in the struggle for respect for life, the joy of being free, by the struggle of knowing that each people we are masters of ourselves, and above all, are key pieces that show us that love, the love of family is something that you can not put a perfect description. Because love is something that should make the world go round, perhaps many times do you explosionase and everything became known unknown (and vice versa). We have an epic story where the line between right and wrong is blurred, like those oasis to which we come to find water which will be the anchor to life. “The daughter of the maid” , readers, It is a story that should never have happened, but, paradoxically, precisely for having done so, so excited.


Houses with cheap and ecological containers to protect the environment

Transport containers are an interesting option, which allows quickly build houses cheaply and ecologically.

Below is a selection of some of these homes:

Cargo Studio 320 (Seatle, EEUU)

This container studio fully built by some 24,000 dollars, two containers were used whose price was 3600 dollars in total and that the landlord came out more profitable to Sell my house fast Leeds, they send them back to China, plus a green roof is held to earn more insulation temperature, the interior was done almost entirely of wood.

container cabin houses with cheap and ecological containersVia: Cargostudio

Container House Porta Austria (Austria)

House retro look made in Austria. This low-cost house was created by Espace Mobile selling manufactured homes like this one from 55,000 to 95,000 euros.

Each of these households has a 3 year warranty. This modern house offers spectacular views of the landscape.

austria container houses with cheap and ecological containersaustria inner container houses with cheap and ecological containersVía:

House of 12 containers (Brooklyn, USA)

These homes container designed by the architect Adam Kalkin were built in 2003 in Brooklyn, the design was created by stacking a dozen containers orange T-shaped, while replacing some of the steel panels with large windows. By using containers Kalkin was able to create these homes at a very low price.

12con01 houses with cheap container and ecological12con02 houses with cheap container and ecologicalVía:

Modular Container House in France

The design is called “cross Boxes” consists of 4 prefabricated containers, use a green roof, floors madrea, resulting in a truly beautiful home.

container house france houses with cheap and ecological containersCrossbox container houses with cheap and ecological containers

Via:  Inhabitab

Home Kit, (Ottawa, Canadá)

The house of 900 square meters, was held with seven cargo containers and a $ 140,000 euros. For those of you who do not want to spend much on a green house, the company offers a villa built with three shipping containers that goes for about $ 40,000 euros and can be customized according to the specifications of the owner of the house. The house is covered with polyurethane insulation and paneling.

At the top, there is a green roof, which provides additional planting a field for the home. There is also a garage for a small car.

shipping container home 1 VN33u 69 houses with cheap and ecological containersshipping container home 2 iAHS2 69 houses with cheap and ecological containersVia:  Ecofriend

Hope you liked this humble selection is we do for pcs. an issue that goes a long way.


Do robot vacuum cleaners make the world better?

Attention !. If you do not like vacuums robots stop reading. If you’re thinking about buying the best vacuum cleaner robot , this article will interest you.

According to an unofficial survey, 100% of users surveyed have clear they want to buy the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal in the world. But there is an undeniable reality is that we need to consider some aspects when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

robot vacuum cleaner that you need



Clearly much they like us a robot vacuum cleaner , if you do not have money to buy it, we will stay with the desire to buy it. Currently in the market there are prices to suit all budgets.

Do not be compulsive about your purchase and do not be put off by the crazy prices. No matter that something is temptingly cheap. If you do not need in the end it will have been expensive and wasteful do.

A good option is to buy online . Purchases are usually made ​​with more reasoning and can find sites of promotions and discounts.

Now if you have little money, one option is to not spend on any vacuum cleaner robot and save it for when you can buy a better one. Clearly, a good investment in the long run, profitable.

Be very clear that “Lo barato sale caro” and a very cheap robot vacuum cleaner will have some and no robot.

robot vacuum cleaner that need budget




Be clear if you want a daily cleaning or any cleaning.

And how you’re picky about cleanliness ?.

Your home is an important factor: m2 of your home, the type of flooring (parquet, rustic, Pergo, tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl …), the distribution (number of rooms, hallways, one or more plants …), theobstacles (corners, crevices, carpets, furniture, stairs …), the presence of pets , kids , someone hasallergies

robot vacuum cleaner that need housing




The base load

The charging base saves us having to go get the vacuum cleaner robot which has run out of battery and put it to charge. For some guiding robots.

There are people who believe that the charging does not work in housing cases with more than one floor.But it is not. A plant is first cleaned, we let the robot back to the base and move the whole set to another plant in the vacuum resume cleanup from the beginning, once it has finished loading again.

If your house has very little space and you have to keep the robot in the box after you use it, you can opt for a robot that does not use the cradle. Examples include the Philips FC 8802 , the Vileda M-488a  or the Carrefour Home .


Intelligent navigation

The intelligent navigation makes the difference between robots and robots cheap high end. Navigation is the sense of sight of the robot vacuum cleaner. Allows you to create maps of rooms, avoiding random motion, optimizes the duration of the battery and is useful for large areas. There are several types of navintelligent ion: using cameras like Samsung Navibot , laser like Neato,   or acoustic and optical sensors like the iRobot Roomba .

The robots lacking intelligent navigation tend to move through default patterns until you deplete the battery and do not react to the environment. Therefore we can not expect to always leave a completely clean or cover the entire space home. In this section we have examples like the Asus E-Clean EC01 AgaitThe Taurus Striker or Q7 .

If you want to know more about the intelligent navigation, click here.

I need to vacuum robot navigation


Filters and reservoir

The filters remove solids. They are necessary for good air quality.

If someone in the house is allergic, have breathing problems or have Pets and Wildlife at home, you should pick a robot vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter  for dust particles and other allergens are trapped in them. Robot vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are many already on the market. For example, the Hoover Robocom RVC 0011 , the D76 Deepoo Ecovacs the Rydis R750 , the 700 and iRobot Roomba 800 Series , or the Samsung Navibot Silence .

I need that robot vacuum cleaner filters



A deposit large you from having to be emptied more often. If pets long hair at home do not hesitate to seek a robot vacuum cleaner with tank big.

It is important that a tank is properly sealed so that dust does not come off.

robot need to deposit



Virtual walls

Are devices that are used to define spaces. They have variously. The robots use vacuum cleaners like iRobot Roomba,  the Samsung Navibot Silencio  or Rowenta Extrem’Air Motion. Generally en¡mitiendo infrared beams work, but there are others that are magnetic (are strips that attach to the floor). These bands are used robot vacuum cleaners like the Neato XV-15 , the Kobold VR-100 , and other vacuum robots take no virtual walls of any kind, such as LG VR 5906 LM or iCLebo Home.

There are users who think that the more clean room robot better, but there’s no denying that it is useful for cleaning areas that allow you some virtual walls as iRobot Roomba Lighthouses .

The virtual parede also allow us to determine the areas where we do not want to pass the robot. For example, if we want the robot to pass through the area where our pets have food and water bowls. Or the room where a child plays little to prevent panic.

Find out more about the virtual walls click here



wherein a programmable robot whether or not evidently not affect aspiration. It is a matter of taste.

If it will be useful or not scheduling depends on factors such as the inconvenience we may cause others with noise at certain times, if there are pets or people at home who are nervous in the presence of therobot , if you like to program it to go home because you are someone who like to see all the camaraderie come …

The schedule will not be as necessary if lian people with technology and prefer to give a button and that’s it, if you like the robot only works when you are at home because you like to have him checked.

Before the robot must get to work “preparing the house”, that is, remove clothing that is on the floor, remove cables, climbing chairs etc. Many users are saying that if you do this, you push a button and it is less, so it does not look very essential programming.

they need robotic programming



After sales service (parts and accessories) and the Technical Service

It’s useless to have the best robot vacuum cleaner in the world if there is no way to change parts, accessories or buy Technical Service is poor or nonexistent.

There are robot vacuum cleaners that have a poor support. As user experience we could put the samplerobots vacuum  Philips Easy Star , the Tango 310 , or Cleanmate QQ2 .

Before buying a robot vacuum cleaner , make sure you either online or via physical stores can purchaseparts and accessories originals. Check the data that you provide regarding how to contact Technical Support: phone, address, online forms …




The forum discussions are useful because people express their view on things and can draw useful conclusions from the experiences of others, both negative and positive.

you need to use robot loa forums

Reviews: ours and others.

The opinion of the expert is also important,  because they give confidence on the issue of who is speaking and contribute their knowledge and skills.

In Robots to detail we love to have in Cuentra our opinions, evidence and advice. But do not stand there.Looking for opinions of other experts and contrast, compare and draw your own conclusions.


Visit shops and not just a

Find a space in your diary and take a tour of the shops to see what is happening out there. Compare prices and ask if you get days to try the product and if not satisfied your money back. Also visit theonline stores and websites promotions and discounts. The latter sometimes pleasantly surprised. If you do your shopping online, you consider the cost of shipping and the time of delivery. The price comparators often helpful.


Video on Youtube, Vimeo, ours and those of users.

In Retail Robots have a channel on Youtube and Vimeo channel . Take a look at the videos we have of testing robot vacuum cleaners.

Search on Youtube (and other channels) robotic user videos. They are of all kinds: make your homemade robots tests show the robot who bought and unpacked and assembled, disassembled other times, change parts, cleaned, even hanging robot funny videos with pets and babies. You can also find corporate videos of various brands.

robot vacuum cleaner that I need on youtube and vimeo



It is very important to stay sartisfecho with your purchase, so take some time in choosing a vacuum cleaner robot.

One user told us one day that perfection does not exist , and the world of household less. And he was right. No matter how good a washing machine, if we put colored clothes with white clothes 90 clothes will shrunken and discolored whites. The same goes for a robot vacuum cleaner . We hope it is the best vacuum cleaner robot , but we must not lose sight that it is a machine. Every home is different, with their obstacles, their size, their pets, children, corner …

You might be interested to know what to do once you’ve bought a robot vacuum cleaner. Well click here and find out.

Training “Design for a Better World”

Experiential training for unemployed designers and NGOs.

It’s been over a year to create  a major challenge between the eyes: we wanted our design beyond help enrich trademarks, social institutions and help small entrepreneurs to realize their dreams to change the world . We start by selecting our scope: we would work for organizations and entrepreneurs with social, cultural, environmental or craft initiatives.

Once defined these principles we wanted to go even further and create an innovative idea to offer a different existing market alternative. We wanted the design to be accessible and affordable to organizations and individuals with little economic capacity, to help create a more robust and meaningful project . At that time we were teaching a course on Website Design Management for Designers unemployed. And hí was reached when the Eureka!

Why not encourage designers graduates unemployment and social non-profit organizations with few resources together to solve their problems?

Generating opportunities

Designed to make life easier and more comfortable to bring new colors and shapes and now to design a better world. Our work is important but there are many unemployed young designers who have not yet been able to demonstrate their experience and talent.

If you join this difficulties due to lack of resources and social organizations’ need to improve their communication to show the impact of their actions and to make their social objectives, provides the context for shaping our project consists of a  training program with the participation of designers unemployed and whose ultimate goal is to carry out a real design project for a nonprofit entity.

The designers will come to your customer, implementing the business side of their work, with our support and monitoring. For the work performed, the entity pays the student’s educational program, getting a supervised project in the real market would have a much higher price.

Our social project: 
Training “Design for a Better World”

Our social training program lasts a month interval.Translated entities pay the formation of a estimated 360 € (VAT avoiding a design project), and together covering project costs, payable in two parts designer.

The learning experience will consist of:

· The entities involved in an initial training capsule on design project management to gain insight on how to prepare a briefing and how to provide positive feedback.

· Designers Monday to attend the training sessions on management, project planning and sales.

· On Wednesday a group tutoring session project between designers and trainers is performed.

· Fridays joint project presentation sessions with all designers and agencies are made.

· The entities provide a positive feedback to your designer as well as other projects, so we offer valuable information together.

The results that we provide are:

1 -. Designers improve their employability by learning to manage a real project with real customers.

2 -. Learning will obtain what is not taught in school through a real experience to put on your resume.

3 -. Was activated and boost the networking among designers and social entities.

. 4 – Personal satisfaction of participating in a social project.

5 -. Institutions obtained a design project at a much lower cost than the real market that allows them to improve their communication supporting collective difficulties to enter the labor market.

If you are interested in this project you can contact us at

In Wopala we like people who dream, but mostly people who want to make their dreams a reality. This project reflects our passion for helping to make this a world a little better.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that get …


Notice to all the superheroes of the world: are you ready (s) to save our beautiful Earth? Yes! It is to you that I address.
because YOU have the power to change things!

Contribute to preserving the environment is not that hard! You just have to change some of our daily habits to make a real environmental impact.

Click on the image to send an ecology map

IMAGE: Idea # 1Take a shower rather than bath daily

It is true that after a hard day’s work, a bath is a true de-stressing … But think about the world and give yourself the pleasure the days when you really need it. The rest of the time you take a shower to perk up, put a comfortable fit and lovez-in your sofa. With a good book, a fragrant tea and background music, stress will vanish as if by magic! Tell your entourage in order to respect this little decompression time just for you.


IMAGE: Idea # 2Do not buy products on-packed

Today, it takes about fifteen minutes to access products, wrapped in ten layers of plastic. While some are essential, others are useless apart from that of creating a new space dedicated to advertising marketing. Result, by dint of over-layers, always multiplies the more waste: a French household generates 5 million tonnes of packaging waste per year! So tell STOP to excessive food packaging and boycott brands that care about the consequences. Buy rather carvery, fruits and vegetables in bulk, bring your empty egg box market … etc..


IMAGE: Idea # 3Titin leave in the garage

We always say that taking care of the planet, it is also taking care of yourself. This is especially true when using a bike, skate, skates, scooters or just good sneakers to move. Because with these means of transport, it pollutes less AND our physical kamagra health is really improving. So forget about impossible to hold and simply change your daily habits schemes: Give your car to redesign your figure and … save the planet!


IMAGE: Idea # 4Do not shun the shopping cart

In 2011, it is time to rejuvenate the shopping carts!
Formerly tacky, with their checkered patterns and their old wheels, the cabats to provision are now more fashionable than ever. Thanks to them, you can say goodbye to the handles of the bags that cut hands, packages too heavy to carry, hunting € room (that you never about you) for shopping carts. It is so handy, that after one week of use, you do not swear by it! And most importantly, you will limit your maximum use of plastic bags … For the look, you have a choice: the caddies have literally invaded stores: you will find a string of colors, patterns and shapes for all tastes!


IMAGE: Idea # 5Close valves

Water, as we know, is a very precious commodity. And, because everyone does not have access, we have to respect it. So why do we continue to let the water run when you brush your teeth, hands, or when you do the dishes? Especially when we know that when you leave the tap running 3 minutes, there were 12 bottles of 1, 5 liters flowing in the sink for nothing … 12 bottles! Scary is not it?


IMAGE: Idea # 6Sacrifice his lighting “Versailles”

What is to be friendly, the dining room really need all these lights on? If you NEED this light, so invest in candles (for a more enjoyable atmosphere) and low energy light bulbs. Choose light colored curtains, which does not absorb natural light and let the sunlight enter … You’ll enjoy the benefits of light therapy without blowing your electricity bill. And do not forget to close the switches on the grounds that “you back soon in the room.” I go, ‘click’, I close!


IMAGE: Idea # 7Au bureau, on change ses habitudes

Stack of plastic cups is swapped against a nice cup offered by our Tiny Tots.
printing emails is limited and, if necessary, is printed on both sides. Old documents are reused as post it, we take the stairs instead of the elevator and above all, we turned off the computer when you leave at night! In addition to being a good citizen, you will be the model employee …


IMAGE: Idea # 8Green Gardening

Water your plants and gardens in the cool morning or evening to reduce evaporation and leave quietly drinking your plantings. You can also collect rainwater by placing pots or trays under eaves. Why not you composting?
With this handy system, you biodégradez your waste (vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, hair, leaves, dead flowers, tissue paper, tea bags …) and you can reuse them as natural fertilizer. And banish pesticides that kill bees!


IMAGE: Idea # 9Recycle by giving a second life to objects

Your old bike takes all the space in the garage? Be sure it will delight a handyman or enthusiast handlebars! Ebay Coin LeBon, Recycle My Stuff … there are countless sites to sell all kinds of unused objects. So, because too often we throw some objects that still have a lot to offer, have the reflex to give, barter or even sell. Good for all!


IMAGE: Idea # 10Always send more eCards!

Because they help save trees, save paper and ink, reduce waste created to make these two components, reducing the transport of mail and especially because they demonstrate your commitment to the environment around you. Every year for greetings through your 25 million of ecards sent, you can help save 9500 trees is a forest of more than 27 km2. Thanks to you, it’s 512 tons of paper that have not been transported!


Eight applications solidarity to build a better world

A list of apps that let you collaborate and donate all of their app promotion to various NGOs and institutions focusing on social support and respect for the environment

Eight applications solidarity to build a better world
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There is no doubt that today, the world of smartphone apps is a great business opportunity for countless businesses. However, fortunately, not all of them focus only on the purely commercial chapter. In meercado we can also find a number of apps with a strong social character whose purpose is none other than the help they need or the homeless. These applications are all developed using easy app development.

Thus, many foundations and associations and NGOs are also taking advantage of new technologies to disseminate their work and win converts to their praiseworthy causes. And more so with the economic and social situation we are right now, so that now more than ever, helping others is more than a necessity.

So the list of this week is focused on highlighting the selfless work of these organizations to build a better world.

Now it’s your turn
apps for a better world

Android (Free)

The initiative now your turn has been carried out by the NGO Burma Partnership, whose focus is on bringing the world of new technologies to the children of the town of Mae Sot, dramatically improving their living conditions. The user of this app have the opportunity to see first hand all the details of the activities and work of this NGO in Burma, including the ability to make donations.


iPhone (Free)
Android (Free)

Instead the idea created by Oven Bits, becomes something like the ‘smart buy’. The application invites us to curb our consumerist spirit. Or rather impulsive purchase that becomes a financial donation to a worthy cause. Best of all is that the user will have at your fingertips a list of all institutions and organizations for their contributions.


iPhone (0.89 €)

Without doubt, the most striking aspect of iSketch is that has been developed by Cameron Cohen, a child as young as 11 had to be hospitalized for several months by a hard and long illness. This app is an interactive tool for drawing and painting with different brushes and a color picker where the user must represent the word ascribed to guess the rest. A kind of addictive pictionary solidarity, as part of the collection of this application is intended to hospital where Cameron was being held.

Button complaint against pornography

Android (Free)

The Protégeles organization, working directly with mobile operators Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo, developed the Report Button application, whose mission is the protection of children. That is why this app gives users the ability to report images of child pornography and sexual harassment of children who are on the Internet. And all this confidential and anonymous. Simply copy and paste the address of the website of this type of content in the application itself, and send. The cooperation of all is essential to end the scourge of child abuse.

Integral link

Android (Free)

The sole purpose of link Solidario is raising funds to help in the fight against breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death in women. The user of this application hundred percent supportive have the opportunity to devote his own tie to the person you want, via a personalized email. And for every click that is made on the advertising of the application, a contribution is received.

Find Green

iPhone (Free)
Android (Free)

Find Green advocates a more sustainable world with innovative and brilliant idea. It uses geolocation to inform sustainable business around us, from restaurants to clothing stores. This is a green consumer proposes to improve our quality of life, while maintaining respect for the environment. Unfortunately, this application is only available in the U.S. at the moment. Although this is a very interesting idea to export.

Fragile Earth

iPhone (2.69 €)

Fragile Earth is another application for the environment. This app allows us to see over 70 pictures, most of them captured satellite, and bird’s eye view. And compare the before and after many geographical locations on the planet. Thus, Fragile Earth shows how climate change has developed in different areas of the globe, illustrating the devastating effects of droughts and floods, or the eruptions of the mountain, and how glaciers melt. And of course, the expansion and growth of cities.


Apps gone viral

iPhone (1.79 €) 

Android (1.79 €)

In support of Unicef, and the figure of NBA player, Pau Gasol, head, Give a day plunges us into the instructive tale of two children, David and Kolobo, with two very different realities, but parallel stories. The story brings a variety of animations, sound effects, colorful graphics and a host of elements to interact. And all this to highlight the problem of child malnutrition. A story of contrasts, where wealth and poverty to encourage our collaboration are interspersed.

7 Popular Ideas For New Timber Decks Brisbane

There are many unique timber decking ideas that suit different needs. Each of the popular ideas for new timber decks Brisbane discussed in this article performs well in different situations. Read on to find out which idea suits your style and taste.

(1)Decking with retaining wall incorporated

One of the best ways to utilize outdoor space using timber decks is by incorporating a retaining wall. Raised garden beds can be created around the perimeter of the wooden wall – and this would provide enough space for growing plants and herbs. Also, you can consider increasing the width of the retainer wall so that it provides enough sitting space for your guests. This deck design idea is best suited for backyards or back spa areas.


*Back spas

*Outdoor fire-pit area

*Around water fountain

(2)Deck with a few steps

You can use timber decks to build wooden stairs that are modern, functional and well proportioned for the environment. You can use deck steps to a rockery path or as side entrance. Or you can use them as steps leading back to your garden. Either way, this is a great use of available deck space that is bound to leave your neighbors a little jealous of your creativity.

(3)Deck with floating seat

You can use decking material to create a built-in floating bench (as part of the larger deck). This is excellent use of space and it provides a cohesive look. This idea works perfectly when used on the balcony with the bench built on wall. A few bamboo plantlets can be planted next to the bench. With a few pillows and cushions, this bench could provide a perfect spot for relaxing, reading and resting. The simplicity of this idea means it is cost friendly and easy to implement.

(4)Deck with transparent roof and hanging chairs

If your back area is a bit boring and you want to bring some life into it, why not build a deck with a transparent roof and one hanging chair (or two depending on available space)? With a bit of light entering through the transparent roof and with some green plants and grass at the doorstep – this design creates a perfect entertainment area at home. The hanging chair (or chairs) are perfect for relaxing e.g. when playing the guitar or listening to music. You can also create space for a wooden bench (or couch) which would be perfect for an evening nap or book reading.

(5)Timber deck to complement garden design

A timber deck can be a perfect solution to a wide range of space usage dilemmas. Because these types of decks are timelessly attractive, they can suit almost any garden design or theme. For instance, you can use them to create a sloping scape surrounding an island of green grass and a water feature. You can also use them to create a Japanese garden frontyard or any other types of front steps. Whichever way you look at it, this can be an interesting way to build levels and to transform your garden into an instant center of attraction.

(6)Deck with sitting cum storage space

If all you need is a large outdoor sitting area (large enough to be a day bed) with adequate storage space then this idea is worth considering. This likeable, multifunctional box seating arrangements means that you can find much-needed storage for:

*Outdoor cushions

*Kids’ toys


*Old electronics

As you can see, this type of deck is not only easy to build, but also it goes a long way toward cleaning up the mess on your outdoor living area.

(7)Decks that move around things

Trees, cylindrical pillars and wall edges might make utilizing outdoor space an unrealistic dream. But if you embrace the idea of working around things with your wooden decks you can be amazed at the end result. All you need to do is work with an expert who understands how to creatively navigate through ambiguous edges to build something solid and spacious. You can have a timber deck built around a palm tree or right on the corner of your home. Lastly, you can use this idea to build a chair for the garden (preferably below a tree).

A Final Word

Timber decks increase the living space of your home and provide a beautiful flow into the great outdoors. We hope our list of popular ideas for new timber decks vippatiobrisbane outdoor-pergolaswill help you make an informed choice.


Rising expectations for better public accounting

PwC conducts the survey of governments of 100 countries

Faced with the economic crisis in developed countries and the need to support the economic development of emerging countries, controlling expenditure and government revenue is a major challenge for states worldwide. Access to finance (and competition between countries) is at the heart of the news. To address these developments, governments are becoming more measures to improve accountability of the state and enhance its transparency.
Yet, it is commonly accepted that the Sydney bas agent services framework traditionally used by the public sector is not adapted to the 21st century.
study “Towards a new era in government bookkeeper blacktown and reporting” conducted by PwC in 100 countries, found that 24% of governments currently accrual and 37% of them hear switch to this form of accounting over the next five years. This will bring the number of countries surveyed have adopted the 63%, an increase of 142%.

The advantages of accrual accounting

Centered around the recording of payments and receipts when they happen, it does not capture all the information about the assets and liabilities, guarantees or commitments retreats the state. These accounting practices have thus a very short-term vision of public finances.

Under accrual accounting, transactions and economic events are recorded when they occur, regardless of the date of the financial transaction, giving an overview of the assets and liabilities of the government, and its performance financial and cash flows. IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards) are often taken as a reference point.

If France has embarked on this major reform of public accounting with the adoption of the Organic Law in 2001 and the certification of accounts in 2006, the issue of standards is still valid at European level. The euro crisis has revealed the interdependence of economies, but there is still great diversity in accounting practices of States in the euro area. This diversity contrasts with the adoption of IFRS in the private sector. Eurostat has recently called for the adoption of a common framework of modern public accounting and we can only welcome such an initiative. It is now the responsibility of politicians to endorse this major reform to avoid past mistakes and strengthen investor confidence.

The study by PwC on 100 countries found that 76% of governments currently have the cash, but that growing numbers of countries have recognized the challenge of reforming public accounts and intend to move to accrual accounting exercise (similar to that of firms) over the next five years. This will bring the number of countries surveyed have adopted the 63%, an increase of 142%.

This debate on accounting standards for state may seem technical, or recent events have shown that the accounting standards used by states can have a direct impact on the real economy: the crisis in Greece has she not revealed the use of accounting practices masking investors a high level of risk?

Jean-Louis Rouvet associated Public Sector at PwC, says that “it is very important that governments – that develop rules for accounting in the public sector – lead by example and enforce high standards of quality financial and accounting information. This is far from the case everywhere, but we are seeing on the ground a real desire to move in that direction. “

Jean-Philippe Duval, Associate Public Sector at PwC, said: “There is a real need for robustness and transparency of financial reporting by governments. It must reflect the full economic impact of policy decisions, which is only possible by applying accrual accounting. Through this, the authorities report their commitment to achieve the highest level of transparency and accountability, as well as their desire to produce a more reliable to support decision making financial data, which will eventually allow better use of public funds. “

Developing countries are likely to consider moving to accrual accounting in the next 5 years

The study also shows that the need to move to accrual accounting will be more important in developing countries. Half of the respondents who are not OECD members intend to make this transition in the next five years, led by Africa, where 11 countries will meet this transition, followed by Asia (10 countries ) and Latin America (8 countries).

Citizens and politicians, major beneficiaries

Governments interviewed explained that the main beneficiaries of the accounting reforms are citizens (77%) and politicians (69%).

According to Jean-Philippe Duval, “The financial information should be available to citizens who, as taxpayers, hold the government accountable for the use of public resources and seek to evaluate performance. The political class also has a role to play. It must understand the current position of government finances to better assess its financial ability to engage in new programs and services. “

Enhanced Finance function

Governments surveyed also indicated that they want to strengthen their finance function, with the main areas for improvement: asset management, expense recognition, measurement of performance and prospective long-term management.

Jean-Louis Rouvet concludes: “When we talk about accounting and management of public finances, we always come back to the same question: do we consume the heritage of future generations and let us threaten their future? These are fundamental issues against which we must have a long-term vision. Efficient financial function is essential to ensure proper management of public finances. “

The study “Towards a new era in government accounting and reporting”is available on the website


Data from the “Towards a new era in government accounting and reporting” study were collected from 100 countries for a year via telephone interviews and firsthand and via an online questionnaire.The work was completed in March 2013.

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