With the arrival of summer and between the Sun, beach, vacations, and above all the free time, we propose to take advantage of the free time in family with some films about the current situation of our planet. You can you have a good time with the “kids” and a fun start to raise awareness in this regard. We then propose three movies to enjoy this summer, you can get the films at Movie Tube.
The first is “Ice Age: the age of ice”; a film for both small and large where in addition to fun, talks about global warming. It shows how in ancient times there was a thaw and the consequences that produce, forcing the migration of humans and animals. To avoid again at this point you must teach children how to avoid it, education in a sustainable mentality, to achieve a better future.
The second proposal is “WALL-E”; Describes a not very positive future where human beings live in a spaceship due to deterioration and the little care of the planet. This film manages to change the current pace of life and consider internship more healthy and sustainable for yourself and the planet. It helps to be more active and seek initiatives to achieve a better without harming our planet and be able to live in the world.
Another proposal is “Pocahontas” which speaks of the love and respect they have American Indians by nature. A good example for children, so they will learn to respect nature, treat it with love and know that everything comes from it. It is a very ecological point of view of how treat our planet; Unfortunately, these customs are being lost and thanks to the film helps to recover them.
Finally “the Princess Mononoke” is a film of Japanese animation, shows the fury of nature when humans go against it. It suggests how is mother nature and be aware that all what you do on planet Earth will be returned to us. Most children in the House they will learn to be respectful with nature and treat it as we would like them to treat them.

Making an ecological chair

At home, although they may not know it, we have thousands of ecological resources that we can reuse. An example is the plastic bottle . They are made ​​by chair hire London from a material that takes a while to degrade approximately may take a thousand years to disappear by themselves. Therefore, all possible ideas for recycling are a positive contribution to the environment. Knowing this, today I would like to propose a fun task: to reuse plastic bottles we consume to make a chair .It’s simpler than you might think   , only about forty aproximadamenta bottles, a cutter and tape are needed. The development of our chair is to go riding slowly bottles to get a support and support for our seat. First Instead, for thesupport , we have to thoroughly clean the bottles. We take one of them and cut it in half . Then, insert the top of the bottle (the one with the cap) within your home and we put a whole bottle inside her. Cut another bottle and place the base on the whole bottle, to cover it. And so, with all on. We can help a screwdriver so that the pieces fall into place. Once we had some sets of two parts, are uniting with tape, up to sixteen, approximately, depending on the size you please for your chair. Once you’ve done all this, the next step is to make the backup . For this, the only difference is that we need to place three of which carry the top of the bottle inside the base, above the whole bottle parts. We are a row of four or six rows and re-taping them together. We give several wraps of tape to firmly take. As you can see, a few bottles we usually throw normally get a cabinet which surely find some use and also took the opportunity to care for the environment . And if you do not like the chair, you can decantaros for a nice recliner, like this one, very cool, right?  Are you urge to make a chair with plastic bottles?


 Making an ecological chair

 Making an ecological chair


 Making an ecological chair

I want to save the world doing marketing …

I want to save the world by marketing was born in September 2008, the result of perseverance and enthusiasm of Jose Illana and a group of partners. Because I really want to start like a tailored suit Jose Illana. Following a course that takes in the Instituto de Empresa, knows about Corporate Social Responsibility and decide you want to work in that sector. Jose Illana, who had always worked in the advertising world, was looking for work in the vicinity of the RSC , but found none. Search this period helped to shape their professional space and finally set up a company to pursue what he wanted.Now I want accommodates professionals in innovation, journalism, marketing or even the best seo company.

Because I want is a creative solutions company in communication, innovation and research, which promotes sustainable development for organizations and their stakeholders. Of course, want to become the meeting point for all those who want to value sustainability. I want to save the world doing marketing is a company that has values ​​that inspire their way of doing things and relating to its stakeholders: Opening, Rigor, Commitment, Consistency, Innovation and Illusion.

What you want to save the world by marketing?
A multidisciplinary team of people who believe in what they do and they do it through a marketing consultancy specializing in the field of sustainability. In want the marketing is defined as ‘that tool invites decide’. For them, the decision is clear: save the world, ie enjoy, care and respect. Therefore, only work on projects that have a common goal to yours.

Work philosophy
The business philosophy I want to save the world doing marketing is based on the maximum of Marketing reputational or reliance main asset.
Marketing is a tool that helps you make decisions and decisions are made ​​transversely to meet the goals and realities that are taken with the stakeholders. Each, in its transversality, should work on a common goal: build trust.

In this way of understanding marketing Marketing Reputation want the calls, because the goal of any organization is to increase their reputation among all stakeholders that comprise it. And when you enjoy a good reputation, is much easier to invite decisions.

Is that through reputational marketing is to generate sustainable, ethical and profitable dialogue between organizations or brands and their stakeholders. The aim is that this dialogue invite you make decisions that add value to all parties, strengthening mutual trust and by increasing its profitability. Quality, knowledge, consistency, credibility, creativity, consistency and commitment: And to achieve that trust areas that complement this model work. The methodology is based on a fundamental premise: its development vision in a responsible and sustainable business. The implementation of this model in business can help in defining strategic review d or business as well as more functional aspects such as a product launch.

Right now I want to save the world doing marketing is working for different clients in different projects: Coca-Cola with Gira Project; Grupo Vips with the Bureau action for all; Jobs Red Cross with the project really is not funny; Lafarge Award We put the first stone.

Jose Illana. Professional marketing and advertising, has developed its activity in agencies specializing in different areas of communication (ABT, BTL, PR) such as Wunderman, Grey, FCB, Kitchen and Humana. He is a member of the Renewable Energy Foundation, which aims to promote renewable energy, also on the advisory board of the Equo Foundation. Convinced that things can be done differently, in September 2008, he founded I want to save the world by marketing, consulting pioneering marketing in Spain to develop its activities in the field of creating and managing business models and communication based or considering sustainability.

Sandra Pina. His career has developed in the world of marketing and innovation in multinational consumer. In Kellogg enjoys creating European innovation for years to cereal “outside the box” while directing brands such as Special K, All-Bran or Cornflakes. Danone works in London and Barcelona, ​​as Dan’up marks managing, while creating new generations of plants and yogurt as anti-cholesterol. In want is at the forefront of the areas of Innovation and Knowledge. Sandra Pina is also an associate professor at Instituto de Empresa in Innovation, Marketing and Market Research.

Paz Ugarte. Economist. He began his career as an auditor at Deloitte and passes the financial sector with its incorporation into public banks, then Argentaria and finally integrated into the BBVA Group. He has held various responsibilities as directors of BBVA in areas such as the Shareholders’ Club, Private Banking, Corporate Culture, Human Resources and BBVA Innovation Centre. It is Partner with want since its founding in 2008 and CEO of Dialogues in La Granja.

Miguel Ángel Rolland. It journalist, screenwriter and director. He studied filmmaking in New York. He has worked in newspapers and magazines both national and international. He was founder of the theater magazine free Mutis and Docus Madrid Association. She loves documentaries and has been nominated for the Goya Awards. Strongly believes in the revolution of social networking and its absolute protagonist: the content.

Pita Sopena. Degree in Management and Business Administration, is a professional marketing world, which has more than 13 years working in FMCG companies and services. His last stage has been set in the world of the agency. One day he began to study sociology, and perhaps therefore convinced that society can evolve in order to create a better world. So it is here today.

Miriam Torres. BA in Communication Studies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has a degree in Communication Journalism, Institutional and Business at the Complutense University of Madrid. Their practices and develop professional start in the Repsol Foundation in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, in the areas of social action and corporate volunteering. After completing this phase started his career in which I worked as project manager and motivator of social networks.

Eva Astiárraga. Anthropologist training and vocation in love with Africa. Theirs is a well recognized ability of order and organization against chaos and it has been demonstrated since its inception. He has worked in agencies such as Humana Marketing or G2, and the NGO Al Tarab in which dealt, among other things, the organization and executive producer, supervising producer, Producer and Head of Human Resources and Logistics for BTL & Events , Controller … In a first stage I, was in charge of the organization and executive producer on different projects and responsible for the Web and Social Media. Now back, is dedicated in body and soul to the management and coordination of Coca-Cola Tour Project.

Helena Martinez-Alonso. This BA in Political Science and a Masters in Applied Social Research is the latest addition to the team I want. He has worked as a research technician at the Fundació Carles Pi i Sunyer d’Estudis i Autonòmics Locals in Spanish Railways Foundation and The Cocktail Analysis. A true specialist in Social Research working in want as Executive Project in the area of Research and Innovation.

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South Carolina Free Marriage Records Database Available Online

Are you set out to make that life-long journey? The years of being together are not a certain proof that the person is the perfect one whom you can spend your entire lifetime with. There are many people who had been tricked and had wasted their time and feelings to someone who all along is betrothed to someone else. This is a terrible situation for a person to get through. Hence, to avoid such experience, perform some strategies that can help you. What are these doable actions? The most practical action is a background investigation or verification of some government files relating to the person. One is to check South Carolina Marriage Records which commonly shows the names of the contracting couple, the date of contract, their parents’ names, their addresses, former spouse and others.


Actually, there are more convenient steps to acquire files of a person aside from going directly to state offices. The Web has grown to be a must-have research and dissemination tool utilized by state governments and commercial ones aimed at a faster information feed for requests like criminal records, sexual offender registries, including vital certificates of birth, death, marriage and divorce.

For more Columbia Updates logon to

The grounds for seeking these important documents are not only to confirm prospective spouses’ capacity to legally marry; it likewise serves for genealogical researches and other lawful proceedings. When you have one these purposes in mind, you have two routes to take: one is via the SC State Dept. of Health and Environmental Control and the other is by way of the web-based system.


When applying, people who need a vital document from the government bureau must show a reproduction or the actual valid ID cards- from government, schools, or from employer. Access will not be granted when this requirement is not met. Applicants can go personally to the mentioned state office, fill out the necessary form and pay $12 non-refundable fee ($3 extra for each additional copy). Another alternative is to send your order to Vital Records Services 2600 Bull St., Columbia SC 29201, but it will need more time of about 14 days to a month (regular) or 3 to 5 business days for express delivery. Standard requests will cost you $12 each whereas the expedited is $17.


You may also use the phone route or VitalChek which normally spends 5 to 7 business days of processing time. This way is a little costly since $12.95 will be asked from you as an additional fee aside from the normal state fees. Another way is to take advantage of the complete and do-it-yourself devices to get reliable data fast. This can be done by accessing online services which offer affordable enrollment to a large database of records including but not limited to Free Marriage Records.


This time, you can easily gain access to colossal government documents using simple and handy methods on the World Wide Web. Without shelling out a huge sum, you can absolutely get hold of files that can help you in making current and forthcoming decisions.

EcoShell project, the greenest car in the world

Electrical, feather weight and completely recyclable. We are possibly the most friendly car environmentally ever conceived. This is a project that is developing, which is participating the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and by the name of EcoShell.

EcoShell project, the greenest car in the world

The main feature of EcoShell Project is that in this small car parts are designed in natural materials and completely recyclable , like flax fiber, polyurethane bio bio or epoxy resin.These are not only totally friendly to the environment, but also make this even project alight car .


With its ‘featherweight’ the EcoShell registers a very low consumption , which is around4.83 kW / h . Similarly, it has worked its manufacturing process produces the least impact on the environment , what has been achieved thanks to an assembly plant that meets the new requirements of the European Union.


‘Although it is still only a design, we want to work in the coming years to develop a prototype to demonstrate all the qualities that have achieved ‘, explains José Ignacio Robla researcher at, CSIC.


Fight for freedom and protection of human rights …

You can not expect those who have no voting rights are to continue to pay taxes to a government that assumes no responsibility for them. You can not expect people living in poverty and hunger pay exorbitant rents to the government and local authorities. We are the nerve center of agriculture and industry. We work in the mines of gold, diamonds and coal, farms and industry in exchange for miserable wages. Why do we have to continue enriching the product of our blood and sweat steal, those who exploit us and deny the right to organize in unions? …

I say they have issued an arrest warrant against me and that the police are looking for me …. Any serious political understood that under current conditions in this country, procure a martyrology handing shoddy police is naive and criminal. We have to play an important program and it is important that we do very seriously and without delay.

I opted for the latter, which is more difficult and carries more risks and hardships than sitting in prison. I have to leave my dear wife and my children, my mother and my sisters live as an outcast in my own land. I had to close my business, quit my job and live in poverty and misery, as do many of my countrymen …. I will fight against the government with you, inch by inch, mile by mile, until we achieve victory. What will you do? They do we add or they will cooperate with the government in its efforts to suppress the demands and aspirations of our own people? Will they remain silent and neutral in a matter of life or death for my people, for our people? For my part, I have already made my choice. I will not abandon South Africa did not give up. Only with hardship, sacrifice and militant action can achieve freedom. The struggle is my life. I will continue fighting for freedom until the end of my days.

Press statement, “The struggle is my life.” June 26, 1961 Available in English

In its true sense, equality before the law means the right to participate in the drafting of laws by which one is governed by a constitution guaranteeing democratic rights to all sectors of the population the right to go to court for protection or redress for violation of the rights guaranteed in the constitution and the right to participate in the administration of justice as judges, magistrates, prosecutors, and other similar charges.

When there are no such safeguards, the term “equality before the law”, as they try to apply it to us, meaningless and misleading. All rights and privileges to which I referred are monopolized by whites and we do not enjoy any of them …

I do not consider either morally or legally obliged to obey laws made by a parliament in which I am not represented.

The will of the people is the basis of the authority of government is a principle universally recognized as sacred throughout the civilized world and is the basic foundation of the liberty and justice. It is understandable that citizens have the right to vote and the right to direct representation in the governing bodies of the country are morally and legally obligated to comply with the laws governing the country.

Likewise must understand why we Africans, we must adopt the attitude that we are neither morally nor legally obliged to obey laws that have not approved, nor can expect to have confidence in the courts applying those laws. ..

I hate the practice of racial discrimination, and in my hatred I feel supported by the fact that the vast majority of humanity hates the same way. I hate that children are systematically inculcated based on color prejudice and I feel that hatred supported by the fact that the vast majority of mankind, here and abroad, agree with my thinking. I hate the racial arrogance which decrees that the good things in life should remain exclusive right of a minority of the population and reducing the majority of the population to a condition of servility and inferiority and remains devoid flock that works where you send and behave like tells you to do the ruling minority. I feel that hatred supported by the fact that the vast majority of mankind both in this country and abroad share my thinking.

Nothing you can do this court in any way change my that hatred that can only be removed when injustice and inhumanity are removed I have sought to remove political and social life of this country …

Evidence at trial, Pretoria (South Africa), October 15 to November 7, 1962 Available in English

The complaint of African … not only who are poor and whites are rich, but the laws that make whites aim to preserve this situation. There are two ways out of poverty. The first is through formal education and the second when the employee has more knowledge in their work and thus a higher salary. With respect to African, both possibilities are limited by deliberately legislation …

We want, above all, equal political rights, because without them our inability to be permanent. I know this sounds revolutionary to the whites in this country, because most voters were African. So the white man fears democracy.

But this fear can not be an impediment to finding the only solution which will guarantee racial harmony and freedom for all. It is true that recognize the right to vote for all end in racial domination. The political division based on color is totally artificial and, when it disappears, also disappear domination of one color group by another. The ANC has spent half a century fighting against racism. When you succeed, will not change that policy.

This is then at fighting the ANC. Their struggle is truly national. It is the struggle of the African people, inspired by his own suffering and their own experience. It is the struggle for the right to life.

My whole life has been dedicated to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I treasure in my heart the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live and hope to achieve. But if necessary, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.

Evidence at trial, Pretoria (South Africa), April 20, 1964 Available in English

Our struggle has reached a decisive moment. We call on our people to seize this moment to make the process towards democracy is rapid and uninterrupted. We have waited too long for our freedom. We can not wait. Time to intensify the struggle on all fronts has arrived. Continue our efforts now would be a mistake that future generations would not forgive us. The freedom that we glimpse on the horizon should encourage us to redouble our efforts.

Only through disciplined mass action we can secure our victory. We call on our white compatriots to join us to create the new South Africa. The freedom movement is a policy area where you will also fit. We ask the international community to maintain its campaign to isolate the apartheid regime. Lift sanctions now would risk frustrating the process leading to the total eradication of apartheid.

Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not let fear stand in our way. Universal suffrage is the common feature of voters in a united, democratic and non-racial South Africa is the only path to peace and racial harmony.

On leaving prison, Cape Town (South Africa), February 11, 1990 Available in English


Racial discrimination and apartheid …

It will forever remain an indelible stain on the history of mankind the mere fact that the crime of apartheid took place. No doubt future generations will ask: what mistake was made for that system could settle after a Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been approved ?. It will always remain as an accusation and a challenge to all men and women of conscience that tardáramos so long to stand up to say ‘enough is enough’ …

Convinced that the denial of the rights of one diminishes the freedom of others. There is not much distance we go. Go that distance together. Reclaiming with our common stock the purposes for which this organization was established and create a situation in which its Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights become part of the set of laws that the political and social order is based a new South Africa. Our common victory is assured.

Address to the Special Committee of the United Nations against Apartheid, June 22, 1990 PDF Document

It is surely one of the great ironies of our age that for the first time in its 49 year history this House is listening to the speech by a South African Head of State emerged from the African majority of what is an African country.

Future generations will wonder at the fact that only as late twentieth century has been possible for our delegation occupy a seat in the Assembly and it was recognized by our people as well as by the nations of the world as the legitimate representative of our country .

It is certainly very pleasant that this Organization to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, next year, with the defeated apartheid regime and consigned to the past. To some extent this historical change has occurred thanks to the great efforts of the United Nations undertook to achieve the elimination of apartheid crime against humanity …

In everything we do we have to ensure the healing of wounds that were inflicted on our people through the great dividing line imposed on our society by centuries of colonialism and apartheid. We must ensure that color, race and gender are only given by God to each of us and not an indelible mark or attribute that accords a special status to some gift.

We must work for the day when we as South Africans, we meet each other and act as human beings equally and as part of a united nation and not torn by its diversity.

The road we have to travel to reach that destination will not be easy. We all know how stubbornly racism can cling to the mind and how deeply can infect the human soul. When supported by the racial order of the material world as it was in our country, that stubbornness can multiply 100 times.

However, harsh as it may be this battle, we will not surrender. Whatever the time it takes, will not rest. The fact that racism degrades both the perpetrator and the victim requires us to be true to our commitment to protect human dignity, we fight to win.

Address to the United Nations General Assembly, October 3, 1994 PDF Document


Reconciliation …

In South Africa, we are convinced that it is possible and feasible to achieve our goal of a better life for all in the shortest possible time. Our confidence comes from knowing that this view is shared by the vast majority of South Africans regardless of their color and their political ideology.

In addition, we appreciate the full extent of the role of the international community to make it happen, not only in the form of material support. If today we can speak proudly of a multiracial nation, united in its diversity of cultures, religions, races, languages ​​and ethnic characteristics, it is in part because the world put us a moral example that dare to imitate.

This achievement will surely endure because it is based on we understand that reconciliation and nation building means, among other things, we must endeavor to know the truth about that fatal past and make sure they will not repeat. Therefore our breath should not be just the one taken before the bitterness of the past reaffirmed again.

We also recognize that reconciliation and nation building would be mere words if they were not constrained by a concerted effort to eliminate the real roots of conflict and injustice of the past. Our national security and survival of our young democracy depend, above all, the program to meet the basic needs of the population. The reconstruction and development ensure that all South Africans have an interest in life, who share an interest in the welfare of the country as a whole.

New Delhi (India), January 25, 1995 Available in English

Many people are skeptical about our ability to realize the ideal of a multiracial nation. It is true that South Africa was more than once on the brink of destruction because of the differences. But let us reaffirm once again that our diversity is not what divides us, are not our ethnicity, religion or culture than divides us.Since we achieve freedom, there can only be a division between us: between leading democracy in his heart and not!

As a peace loving people, we want our country to prosper and provide basic services for all. Because our freedom will never be complete nor our stable democracy unless the basic needs of our people are met. We have seen the stability that comes with development. And while we know that peace is the most powerful weapon which any community or nation can have for development.

As we rebuild the country, we will maintain our vigilance against the enemies of development and democracy, even if they are in our own ranks. Violence does not bring us closer to our goals.

We must all ask ourselves’ve done everything in my power to achieve lasting peace and prosperity in my city and my country?

Durban (South Africa), April 16, 1999 Available in English


Universal human rights …

Throughout the years, and accordingly, this fifty-third session of the General Assembly will be remembered as the time when we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Conceived after the defeat of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Nazis and fascists, this Declaration held high the hope that in the future all our societies would be built on the foundations of the glorious ideals embodied in each of his sentences.

For those who had to fight for their emancipation, as we, who with the help of the United Nations we had to release from the criminal apartheid system, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights vindicated the justice of our cause. At the same time, it was a challenge for us that our freedom, once achieved, should be dedicated to the implementation of the forward in the Declaration.

Today we celebrate the fact that this historic document has survived five turbulent decades, which have been some of the most extraordinary events in the evolution of human society. These include the collapse of the colonial system, the end of a bipolar world, the amazing advances in the field of science and technology and the achievement of a complex process of globalization.

However, despite all human beings who are the subjects of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights remain the victims of wars and violent conflicts. They have not managed to be free from the fear of death will cause them to use both weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons …

This is probably the last time I have the honor to address the General Assembly from this rostrum.

I was born when World War I ended, and left public life when the world celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I’ve reached the point long way afforded me the opportunity, as it should be for all men and women to retire to rest and quiet life in the village where I was born.

Sitting in Qunu, my village, and old as the hills me, I will continue to hope that in my own country and in my own region, on my continent and the world, a group of leaders who forbid that arises no one is denied freedom, as we are; that no one would become a refugee like us; that no one would pay to go hungry, as we are; that no one is deprived of their human dignity, as we do.

I keep waiting for the African Renaissance deep roots and blossom forever, regardless of the changing seasons.

If all these hopes can be translated into a workable and would not dream into a nightmare to torment the souls of old, then I will have peace and quiet, then history and the billions around the world proclaim that it was worth dreaming and strive to give life to a realizable dream.

Address to the United Nations General Assembly, September 21, 1998 PDF Document


Peacebuilding …

Peace is not merely the absence of conflict; peace is the creation of an environment in which everyone can thrive, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, class, caste or any other social characteristic that distinguishes us. Religion, ethnicity, language and social and cultural practices are elements that enrich human civilization, which add to the richness of our diversity. Why let it become a cause of division and violence? We would be degrading our common humanity, if we allow that to happen.

New Delhi (India), January 31, 2004 Available in English

There is still much discord, hatred, division, conflict and violence in our world in the twenty-first century.The elemental interest of others in our personal and social life suffice to make the world the best place we dream so vehemently … The easiest thing is to break and destroy. Heroes are those who make peace and build.

Soweto (South Africa), July 12, 2008 Available in English


Fighting poverty …

South Africans have shown tremendous ability to show solidarity when they face difficulties. The apartheid regime fell at the end thanks to the unity of those who saw their rights denied and thanks to all sectors of society recognized that they had more to gain by working together than fighting each other. That same quality has helped us very quickly, to lay the foundations for a better life.

When apartheid ended, we stumbled upon the difficult task of rebuilding our shattered society and providing the most basic to our population. We had to build schools and hospitals, provide housing and jobs, boost our economy, protect the rights of our people through the Constitution and the courts, help South Africa to seek solution to the division that existed in the past and begin the process healing and finding solutions to abuse and damage that buried most of our communities.

In essence, our task was to create the conditions in which every South African had the opportunity to create a better life for himself. But the government can not cope with these problems alone. Needless to all pull together collectively to achieve the necessary changes.

To achieve these goals, we also need to transform the government of a system that served to minority interests to one that meets the needs of all South Africans. And all these things were to be done in a country where the majority was deprived of the experience of government or appropriate education and training. For that reason, we have a strong focus on capacity building of government …

When we say that the best solutions to these problems can only be found when working in coordination, requiring a commitment of each and every one of us. Today we should ask ourselves: What have I done to improve the environment in which I live? Am I messing or protecting my environment? Do I promote racial hatred or peace and reconciliation? Should I buy stolen or helped fight crime? Do I pay my debts and I cheat with taxes, payment of services and licenses? I hope that everything put my hand or work with my local council to create a better life for me and for my community?

Bothaville (South Africa), October 14, 1998 Available in English

While poverty, injustice and inequality persist evident in our world, no one can really relax. Never forget how millions of people around the world have joined us in solidarity to fight against the injustice of our oppression while we were in prison. These efforts were not in vain and we can be here and join millions around the world who struggle for freedom and against poverty.

Mass poverty and gross inequality are such terrible scourges of our times, times in which the world boasts breathtaking advances in science and technology, industry and wealth accumulation.

We live in a world where knowledge and information have made great strides, yet millions of children do not attend school. We live in a world where the AIDS pandemic threatens the very fabric of our lives. But we spend more money on weapons than on ensuring treatment and support for millions of people infected with HIV. It is a world of great promise and hope. But it is also a world of despair, disease and hunger.

Eliminating poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life. While poverty persists, there is no true freedom. The measures have to adopt the developed nations are clear.

The first is to ensure fairness in trade. I have previously said that justice in trade is a really useful way developed countries can demonstrate their commitment to an end to poverty in the world. The second is to end the debt crisis in poor countries. The third is to provide such assistance as possible and ensure that aid is of the highest quality.

Live 8, Johannesburg (South Africa), July 2, 2005 Available in English

How to include volunteer work on your resume

If you’ve played at some time as a volunteer but you have not included in your resume , it’s time to do so. The website lists how should include to be considered when postularte a job.

The CEO of resume services perth, Gray & Christmas, John Rogers said, according slogan portal that if you already have a job on Volunteering lets you gain an additional experience and if you’re unemployed, doing such will demonstrate tasks that are a productive person .

What to do?

It is appropriate to make a list of charitable tasks you have performed such as keeping the finances of a charity or be responsible for recruiting teams. This will be valued by recruiters as they realize qualities that may be applicable to the workplace as said Suzanne Lucas, human resources expert in Switzerland. Includes tasks that demonstrate your skills as a leader .

It is also advisable not to mention the issue of volunteerism in the interview . The work of that nature speaks for itself and not all employers have the same concept of unpaid work so you better you keep silent.

What not to do?

Do not include your volunteer activities linked to certain religion or political issues. Those who consider you for a position may have a different view to yours and you might play against .

Nor is recommended that those actions related to activities of motherhood. They have found that women who have made ​​honorary activities in this sphere, are less likely to be then called for interview than those without. Of course it depends on the position for which you’re applying.


Cricket Worldcup 2015 – New Hope for Team Captains

The Cricket World Cup 11th edition is few days away only and cricket lovers all over the world will be waiting eagerly for  some amazing action for the coming next and a half month.

Confidence is the key point for every player and team as a part of such a mega event; however, playing in an ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is entirely a different experience. There is an extra pressure on every captain and player to perform well and give their best, whereas existing as a defending and favorite team is itself a huge pressure.

Even though, few major teams such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England have not been in a great form to lead the tournament so their first match will pay to gain much-needed crucial momentum. The fate and tone of each team will be judged by the opening games, and become easy to judge will they thrill this world cup with excitement or not. Let discuss the recent ODI performances of the major team:

  • Australia

Considered as the favorite, Australian team is quite sure that they will rule the World Cup because of their recent winning performances. The captain is satisfied with their batting line-up and good playing rhythm. But, the home ground conditions will increase pressure on them too. So, they have to tackle the situation with technique.

  • India

As defending champions, there is a lot of pressure on them and they are out of form too. The playing combination for Indian team isn’t yet decided due to unwanted injuries.

  • England

The runner-up team, England is having experienced and professional young players so they have to take a start with confidence. But, they need an attacking and hitter batsman.

  • South Africa

South African team has to remove all past choking thoughts and has to take a perfect start with their balanced team. They should access their abilities and play under pressure.

  • New Zealand

In the past years, New Zealand team also showed good performances and tagged as Dark Horse in ICC Cricket World Cup.

  • Pakistan

Pakistan is the most unpredictable team. Without their best bowler, Saeed Ajmal, they can still win matches by proper mindset and show extraordinary effort to remain undefeated in the entire competition.

  • Sri-Lanka

Sri Lankan team was no doubt the most reliable team in the last 2 World Cups, but unluckily didn’t achieve. The team has a good young and experienced player’s combination which can make them a great competitive team.


Having good form bowlers and batsmen is a good sign for teams in the World Cup, but proper use of their form and taking advantage of it under pressure will give positive outcomes. Thus, it doesn’t matter either they are favorite, dark horses or losers, playing as one team and gaining momentum  under pressure will make them the most favorite team.

Cricket World Cup 2015 Final – New Hope for Team Captains is on its way and we are hoping to see some thrilling and good cricket matches.

The Calories In An Egg – Distribution of White and Yolk Egg

Today the Question is how many calories in an egg?

Every healthy diet plan has eggs as an important component for the kids, youth, elders and pregnant women. They have very essential amount of vitamins, calcium, proteins, iron and many other nutritional elements to thrive human body. It has a measure by which you can compare the other foods’ protein values by using this standard. Many people used to say that the eggs are the reason of increasing the cholesterol level of the body and they are right in saying, but it is also true that it can decrease calories of your body.

If you take one large size egg, you are taking 4% of daily intake of calories from the total of 2000 calories which a normal person uses on a daily basis. Every person’s diet includes many nutritions in different forms which are necessary for the body fitness and health and choline is one of those elements. Eggs are a major source of providing the choline to the human body so it is very important to include eggs in your daily meal especially breakfast. Choline helps to maintain and enhance the neurological system of the body. The yolk is a major source of calories in an egg, minerals and nutritions while white egg provides the calcium to the body to provide health to bones.

Calories in the Yolk

The Yolk is the most important portion of the egg as the person has to decide whether it is good for his or her health. As Yolk can increase the amount of cholesterol in your body which can affect the heart and its functionality and have a higher number of calories in an egg which are 56 in total than the white portion of the egg. But still it has many health benefits which are useful to enhance the immunity, health of skin, and also optimizes the visionary power of the person. It contains a very significant amount of Vitamin like Vitamin A,  Iron, and Riboflavin but if you take it in right quantity and if perfectly prepared. A nutritionist can be consulted about the right intake of the eggs in your daily meals.

Calories in White Portion Of Egg

The White portion of the egg provides a large amount of calcium and iron. Those people who want to use eggs, but are conscious about the calories in an egg can take the white portion of the egg as it has very lower amount of calories than Yolk and also can help to reduce your weight. There is not a single fatty acids in white and it is full of proteins which are necessary for the body and most important is that it is absolutely in cholesterol. It has no side effects if you take it in your daily meal without any hesitation and also include it in your diet plan as it has only 17 calories. It is also helpful to reduce your weight by providing energy to your body, and it also helpful to provide strength to human bones. But remember excess of every food is bad for health.


“The daughter of the maid” created a better world for readers.

Maid’s daughter, Barbara Mutch

the daughter of the maid

The Karoo is eternal . And as the sun sets every day we read stories remind us that there was infamous times, times where life changed in a minute that could mean everything. It was inevitable. Yet, within this small world, we find characters that come to us in a corner of the soul, some hiding for that slip, you invade, and come to make you sigh. The proposed travel literature are sometimes a unique opportunity to live the courage, strength, tears, and pain, of those whose efforts created a better world when nobody gave a penny for them. It is these which, like the keys of a piano you play with abandon, make us move, make our interior tides that sweep everything and leave us breathless when our hands close a book and we were thinking about the Finally, in the history behind us, as if a small wound, we will leave a scar along our life. This is one of them. For as the sun sets each day, this story remains but does not pretend.

Cathleen moved to South Africa where he will enter into a special relationship with their black maid Ada working for Juliet Kakish. When she becomes pregnant by a white man, the fate of these two women will be united by strong ties, while the world looks troubled, and apartheid becomes a reality. And there is something much stronger than the color of the skin, and is the power of inheritance of blood.


Long ago, when he was under my belt with little more than fifteen years in school taught me those years of strife and internal wars between whites and blacks. It was something that did not get fully understand. Today, when life has moved on, and this book Alliance has come to my hands, I still have the same feeling of not understanding injustice. Is the skin so important? Your color has the power to give life to some and another for others? Questions that become swirls round and round in my head, and that time is maintained after having reached the last page of this great story. Consumed many times by other problems, we are unable to observe those lives that would have to become heroic, in noteworthy for all those who boast us of being liberal or liberalizing people, is that the life of Ada, our protagonist in ” The daughter of the maid “ raises concerns the foundations of what we have come to call the civilized world. What civilized having to flee from your life, your family, for all you know, for having given birth to a different creature? Why the abuses perpetuated over time, although there have been many who had no choice but to survive? Are we the masters of destiny of others? Life is like an orchestra, and each have a rightful place. We are all essential.

But if I had to highlight some of the novel by Barbara Mutch is the soundtrack that makes us go through each one of the pores of the skin covering our skeleton. Slow melodies when the piano attempts to fill the silences, the sadness of tears in the middle of a flight for survival, but also quick notes, which mean war, imposed on us, is close and you need to run. This is the story of a word, apartheid , but also that of other freedom . Barricaded by a desert that is lost beyond what the eye is able to cover, our protagonists are key elements in the struggle for respect for life, the joy of being free, by the struggle of knowing that each people we are masters of ourselves, and above all, are key pieces that show us that love, the love of family is something that you can not put a perfect description. Because love is something that should make the world go round, perhaps many times do you explosionase and everything became known unknown (and vice versa). We have an epic story where the line between right and wrong is blurred, like those oasis to which we come to find water which will be the anchor to life. “The daughter of the maid” , readers, It is a story that should never have happened, but, paradoxically, precisely for having done so, so excited.